Your right to defend yourself !!!

What an active morning filled with high spirits and positive energy. 

The guests arrived on time and it was clear, they were curious about how this day was going to pan out, and boy did it pan out beautifully! 

We started off with an #AfroYoga session by #KhaboYoga Laced with body conditioning, guests loved this segment as it stimulated their body mind and soul leaving the body aching … positively. 

Master Vusi took over the next session with Martial Arts Fitness – “Self Defense” was the name of the game. The best thing about this moment was the deep personal interaction he had with the guests , allowing them to replay their own scenarios where they felt they needed to defend themselves. He filled their pockets with knowledge and they walked away richer and mentally stronger. 

Nutrition is one of the most important topics on our program because this not only affects your diet and physical structure but your mind and wellbeing too. 

We discussed the importance of knowing what we are actually choosing to ingest (food) and how that affects us. We talked about reprogramming our minds and challenging our palates when it comes to food choices. 

Going forward, clients interested in this program will be able to access it by booking their one on one / group sessions with us. They will receive a monthly personalized program catering to their specific health needs. 

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Khabonina Qubeka 

Award winning Actress |Choreographer | Content Producer | Yogi | Health & Wellness Lifestyle coach