I have always believed in the art of yoga as a tool for our self healing! We go through a lot of stress and heartache most of which is self inflicted. We do not take enough “ME TIME” and we have lost the true definition of what ME TIME actually means , we have lost a sense of SELF and this leads to silent killer illnesses / diseases such as anxiety and depression. I believe Yoga plays a huge role in alleviating such stresses , and the magic word here is is BREATHING ! I practiced this even during my pregnancy and the results were purely incredible! Deep breathes at a time help release so much unnecessary gunk in your mind and soul , but thank goodness I bumped into this article by Amanda Macmillan who puts this into much better words … LOL !


Evidence keeps stacking up that yoga is a boon for both physical and mental health conditions. Now, a small new study from Boston University finds that taking yoga classes twice a week may help ease depression, thanks in part to deep breathing.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, included 30 people from ages 18 to 64 with clinical depression, who either were not taking antidepressants or had been on a steady dose for at least three months. Half of the participants were assigned to take a 90-minute Yoga sessions three times per week, as well as four 30-minute sessions at home each week. People in the other group took two group classes and three at-home sessions every week.

Khabonina at 7 months pregnant in a yoga stand


Some people who haven’t responded to traditional treatments might do well with yoga, because unlike antidepressant drugs, yoga and deep breathing target the autonomic nervous system, Streeter says. “If your autonomic nervous system is balanced out, then the rest of the brain works better,” she says. Research shows that 40% of people on antidepressants do not recover fully from depression, says Streeter, which puts them at increased risk for a relapse. “Getting that 40% all the way better is a really important goal. Instead of adding another drug, I would argue that yoga is another thing you can add to the treatment regimen that might help.”

Your thoughts?