YOU must have heard a family elder, or elderly family friend suggest you feed your growing child soaked almonds, or crushing soaked almond into milk to drink at breakfast. You must have also heard somebody say pejoratively about a not-so-smart individual that evidently she/he was not given soaked almonds in the growing years. Or, when somebody is becoming forgetful, the suggestion that she/he be given soaked almonds. So, what is it about almonds that makes it something like a wonder food? Read on to find out about the benefits of eating soaked almonds which you might have missed, or simply not realized.

Why only soaked almonds?

You might have wondered why you are always recommended soaked almonds. If almonds are such a healthy food, they should be healthy in any form, and you should be able to eat them raw. The reason is simple. The skin of the almond has tannin, which inhibits the absorption of nutrients; thereby defeating the purpose of eating them. It is easy to peal the almonds when they have been soaked for a while in lukewarm water. This is very useful, especially if you are planning to make almond milk.

Almonds Can Be Considered Brain Food

The importance of soaked almonds can never be overstated when discussing brain health. It is full of vitamin E, which is known to preserve memory longer by boosting alertness, and preventing cognitive decline. Vitamin E is known to be a retardant of the onset of dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s. Add to that, almonds contain omega-3 and six fatty acids which boost intellectual capacity. Further, almonds increase brain acetylcholine levels, and are an important source of essential nutrients, such as tocopherol, folate, mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, and polyphenols which are known to delay — and in some cases, prevent — the decline in the brain due to aging. These, in fact, improve memory retention when someone eats soaked almonds daily. 

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