One certain thing about me from a very young age is that I’m a passionate story teller ! I remember those days at school, the back of my English & Afrikaans books , were stabbed by a pen from my story telling narration &  diagrams . Each day I created a world with different characters interacting with each other , drama galore with every story arch. I brought each character to life differently playing with my voice and energy… Listen , I loved every story I created. 


Years later , I find myself on one of the biggest television shows in Africa , the one I grew up watching & anticipating to be part of, what a gift ! I’m completely honored. 

The Generations The Legacy team blew my mind with this story line ! Wow . In my career , I’ve told a lot of stories , written by talented writers I’m in awe of , but THIS RED MARKET storyline not only kept me glued to the script , it was also purely educational to me. I had no idea how big the Red Market had become across Africa. It’s both challenging and exciting to tell this story . The audience reception and feeling towards Oby is what keeps my performance engine going every time I go to set ! 

OBY : 

Oby is a force of nature . Intelligent, poised and loves control ON EVERY LEVEL ! I immediately fell in love with her fire. There’s something about bringing the script to life that turn me on as an artist . You need to set a tone for that character, both physically and emotionally. THIS IS CHALLENGING BAFETHU  but when you get it , you get it & it feels DAMN good ! Its at this moment , when you know , the story has become you & you,  the story ! 

There is so much I want to tell you about OBY & her Journey! It’s early days now , I must keep you in suspense, keep you guessing , but I can tell you this for free  … IT GETS UGLY !!!

See you again soon for more OBY talk & behind the scenes magic  !